What’s your label?

Labels. They’re all around and glued to us. Sometimes we embrace them: newlywed, artist, family farmer, interior designer, rich entrepreneur. Other times we shun them: addict, autistic, criminal, welfare recipient, divorcee. Labels define who’s up and who’s down. The labels help categorize our world. Task labels describe jobs we do, such as mother, father, student, electrician, mechanic, teacher, doctor, and lawyer. Others categorize our personal qualities, such as kind, rude, sincere, superficial, selfish or generous. These personal quality labels define our deficits or our strengths depending on who you ask and when we exhibited them. In the world of commerce, politics and economy, labels continually divide us. McDonald’s workers are going on strike for better wages. People who dislike unions spit out that fast food workers were never intended to make high wages. Is the McDonald’s owner a fast food worker or is owner a separate category within the fast food industry? If so, then the rationale is he’s exempt from the concept of purposeful low wages. He keeps all of the profit and lives in the McMansion. A local dairy owner claims his product is American made but are the Spanish-speaking workers who trudge in the muck of cow manure all day long all American or is his label just in reference to his family and the cows? Employers have a difficult time these days staffing businesses they never step foot in. Out of work people want to work but they don’t want to sell their soul or their life for the duty of it. Image


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