The language everybody’s watching

Ever since I heard Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk, I have suggested her body poses to my female clients as a way to boost their self esteem.

power quoteDr. Cuddy’s research has proven that by changing the way we hold our body, we will change the chemistry within our brain and change the way people interact with us. And I believe her.

I believe her because of my client’s reports and my observations of them.

Most people seek counseling because they are recovering from traumatic life experiences. They arrive beaten down, vulnerable and uncertain how to regain their power. Some of them were told from early childhood they had no power. But through counseling and using the tools offered to them, my clients discover they were told a pack of lies by people who needed my clients to be victims for their own pathological need.

But there’s the interim period that is a challenging time for someone to make change. As Dr. Cuddy shares in her talk, sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. Better yet, she says, you fake it until you are it. Discovering the “it” occurs through the counseling process. The true individual is revealed in a safe space as the trained therapist reflects back to her client the discovery of herself. Then the client gets to practice these revelations in her real world experience.

This is where the power moves come in and they provide an undeniable boost to a client’s commitment. Not only is a client changing her verbal messages, she’s also changing her physical messages. She is retraining her brain circuitry to think and act together as a more powerful individual.
When that happens, look out world because you will hear her roar and she won’t even need to say a word!




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