A positive affirmation (or a million) a day can help keep depression away

For years, the young woman had been in a relationship with a man who repeatedly told her she was fat, stupid, and lucky to have him.

positive affirmationsThe negative messages were like thorns which had punctured her skin. She knew she needed to take them out if she wanted to heal, but she didn’t have a container for the thorns or a salve for the holes in her heart and mind. So, she timidly walked through her life, avoiding intimate relationships with others and giving the benefit of the doubt to all the toxic people in her circle, convincing herself that others’ negativity was the result of a bad day for them and she excused them from accountability for disrespect to her.

Then, one day she bought a journal. And into the journal she wrote out every negative comment she heard from others and from herself. One by one the thorns of criticism and condemnation were laid inside the boundaries of the lined notebook. She expressed every thought which poked at her. And then she began to fill her holes up:







At first she didn’t believe her new, generous thoughts toward herself. At home she trudged alone through a minefield of negative energy, waiting for it to explode. She gingerly picked her way through the debris the explosive comments had created and cleaned it up piece by piece.

Even though I feel scared, I love and accept myself.

Even though I make mistakes, I love and accept myself.

Even though I want my life to be perfect and it’s not, I love and accept myself.

She acknowledged and honored her feelings in the first half of the phrase, and she cradled herself in unconditional love and acceptance in the second part of the phrase.

She learned negative energy packs a tremendous amount of power. In simple math  -1 + 1 = 0. So for every negative thought, she realized it takes two positive ones to get past zero.

But getting past zero is possible.

You can do it. You’re worth it.

And you are lucky to have you.


What vision are you forming?

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