A Lizzie Lizard Day or Unexpected Encounters

Doing my business in the bathroom this morning, out of the corner of my sleep-bleary eyes I saw her. A tiny lizard holding as still as she could, including her breath.

lizard 2At first I thought she was a rubber toy of my son’s, she sat so still. But while i washed my hands, I sneaked a peek, and while I sneaked a peek, she turned her neck and sneaked a peek back. 

I moved to the door and hollered a few things at Lizzie the Lizard. And while the Very Large Me panicked at the sight of the Very Small She, Lizzie the Lizard does what a lizard does best and she skirted and skedaddled off towards somewhere, primarily in the direction of the opposite way of me.

No problems. Lizzie the Lizard will find her way out just like she found her way in, I thought with my pre-coffee brain.

And there I am back in my bedroom to flesh out my eyelashes with mascara and Lizzie the Lizard is as still as she can be on the carpet near my bed. 

She has to leave the house before I leave the house. Time to assess my options which don’t include my coming near Lizzie the Lizard to befriend her. Finally I offer my son $10 if he will transport Lizzie into the free world. And he accepts. Scoops her up just like that and sets her free in the alley. 

And I am on with my day until I arrive at school with my younger son. And another lizard in the form of a woman named Liz notices me in the hallway. The panic and pain of her life forces her to stop me and I stand as still as I can and look out of the corner of my eye for a way around her. Lizzie the Lizard at Home, the Lizard named Liz at School, and myself are three creatures confused as to how we ended up face-to-face with each other this day. We all started out in our respective life journeys and circumstances brought us to a place in the road that didn’t match the map we thought we were following.  

So, we all stood still and stared at each other and waited for the other to make the first move. And at both times it is me hollering at Lizzie the Lizard at Home and the Lizard named Liz at School asking them what they want from me. Me, who is uncomfortable with lizards and yet face-to-face with them on this day.

And neither of them have an answer for me except to be their Lizzie Lizard self. And it is up to me to accept them as they are because they can be nothing else. And after we part ways, I regret I didn’t prepare myself better for a Lizzie Lizard Day because I think I would have enjoyed their company. 



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