Choosing tools to build a community

HerbTheVegetarianDragon_PB_W_1 Thank you if you make your way to my website and choose to look around. What is the website about? At the moment I am in transition because I am about to move from Hobbs, NM, to Houston, TX, for a job promotion for my husband and so some components of my website are shifting, too.

During my time in Hobbs, I earned my master’s in education in mental health counseling and I had started to build a good practice with Zia Consulting. I have immense gratitude towards the owners Drs. Mike and Marianne Westbrook who have guided me in building a solid foundation in the field of mental health counseling.

However, since I am moving across state lines, my ability to practice in the field of mental health will be on hiatus for awhile until I meet the licensing requirements for the state of Texas. Since this move is in support of my husband’s career, my role for a time will be complementary. I will be focusing on my role as a mother to my two sons and as a caretaker daughter to my mother.

itookthemoonforawalk_pb_wBut I can’t not work. I am wired to work. So, I decided to become a founding member ambassador for Barefoot Books. This is the second time around I have affiliated myself with this award winning publisher of children’s books. The first time, I bought the starter kit while I was pregnant at the age of 42. So, while I had some good intention at that time, I didn’t have quite the stamina I needed to build much of anything and I was finishing up my master’s degree.

But I used the books. Boy! Did I use and am using the books with my little guy. “I Took the Moon for a Walk” became our favorite with its beautiful illustrations and poetic plot. “Herb the Vegetarian Dragon” has a humorous cadence in discussing understanding differences.

My purpose with Barefoot Books is to build a community in Houston for our family. All of us have tools available to help build a community and for now I am choosing the tool of helping build literacy for young families.

You also see a  few selections of my professional portfolio, here. I have invested a large portion of my adult life in the field of public relations within the non-profit sector. My portfolio is documentation of my contribution to the field.

So, as my life is currently in flux, so is this website and my professional life. I have tools and enthusiasm for the new venture that we are about to embark on as a family. As things settle and all my family members become comfortable in the roles the universe is calling us to do, I am certain my place will be apparent, too.

In the meantime, I sincerely encourage you to reach out to me because whether or not I have a state approved mental health license I have a kind heart and open mind to listen to your journey and to help you open your Gift of a Great Life!


What vision are you forming?

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