My friend, Linda Grau Powell, is a poet, artist, educator, and entrepreneur from Plains, TX. She has a rich soul and generously shares herself with others who cross her path. I hope you will enjoy this brief encounter with her.

October 22, 2014–Copyright © 2014 by Linda Grau Powell

photo (1)Courage is putting on wings

Attaching them with tears

Softening, dissolving

My healing heart

Connecting to all

Knowing I am love

Ethereal as my flight

Into the unbolted

Center of beingness

Experiencing my loveliness

Accepting my weaknesses

Fearless with joy

I circle and glide

Free to be

Free to be me

Free to love me

Free to forgive me

For forgetting myself

Over and over again

When I crash land

And break my wings

And break my spirit

And lose me.


One thought on “Courage

  1. betternotbroken says:

    Reblogged this on betternotbroken and commented:
    And so before Halloween someone eloquently describes how to reattach your wings, you all know I am too cheap right now to buy them, but this I think I can handle . . .


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