How to make over $400 from your cell phone carrier

iphone6-plus-box-space-gray-2014This worked for me. I don’t know if it will work for you, but you should try. If you’ve had a cell phone for more than a year, you have already spent well into the thousands of dollars in exchange for it.

Sprint has been running a promotion that if I drop my current carrier and go to them, they would give me a plan that I just couldn’t refuse.

I thought that was wrong of my carrier to not offer a loyalty reward, so I called my carrier, Verizon, and told them.

After 10 haircuts my hairdresser will give me my 11th one free. After more than 10 years, shouldn’t my phone carrier be willing to do the same thing? I tallied it up, and the amount I have spent with them could have funded a pension plan.

But you can’t go to the usual 800 number. The first-line customer service agents don’t have any authority to do anything except give you a $100 credit, maybe, and that’s after they ask their supervisor.

Instead, send an email to the executive office. There, a over a dozen young executive office liaisons are trained to handle customers so irate that they felt the only way to receive recourse was to go straight to the top.


Lowell C. McAdam Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

But I was willing to walk away, too. So, don’t call their bluff. Be ready to switch to whoever you think might be the deal of the month. And just remember, the money you’re spending today for texting, talking, and surfing the Internet is going to fund someone’s retirement fund, but probably not your own.


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